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A list of services we enjoy performing, all models foreign and domestic

  1. Alignments
  2. Lube Oil and Filter Service
  3. Transmissions, Automatic & Standard
  4. Airconditioning Service & Repair
  5. Differentials / Constant Velocity Axles
  6. Transfer Case Repair / Includes service four wheel drive message
  7. Check Engine Light Diagnostics and Repair
  8. Antilock Brake Light Diagnostics and Repair
  9. Tire Pressure Light or Message Diagnostic and Repair
  10. Tire Service. New Tires, Flat Repair, Balancing, Rotation
  11. Struts and Shocks
  12. Wheel Bearings
  13. Steering and Suspension
  14. Brakes
  15. Transmission Flush w/filter
  16. Cooling System Service
  17. Power Windows or Seats not working? We can help
  18. Bulb Out? We do that too
  19. Exhaust
  20. Catalytic Converters
  21. Starters
  22. Alternators
  23. Lets just say we can fix anything but a broken heart  🙂

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